I'm the spiritual SHE'EO behind the Heal Yourself Method and the Thrive Mentorship Program. You want to know more about me, right? Here’s my story...
I grew up in a culture of scarcity where nothing was ever enough and I felt trapped. So, I crafted a plan, one that would take me across the world to a far distant land: the USA. People laughed at me for what they called "a ridiculous plan," but I knew I had to prove them wrong. Especially their disbelief of me not being able to succeed because of being a woman. So I hopped online and found myself a job and a roommate. Phase One CHECK! 
Leaving London, UK and being far away, came with all its freedom, including the making of poor decisions. But thankfully, I found yoga in 2010 and with it, myself. A teacher training, a five-year marriage, and a “having it all” period after, I made the decision to leave my comfort zone and follow my heart. I realized I was stuck living a life without purpose or passion. Freedom was my medicine and I was ready to fully heal.
In 2012, I packed my bags and headed towards NYC. Sure I felt scared, after all, I was throwing myself into the unknown. But looking back now, I know I needed to move through the shadows. When I say "I get you" it’s because I mean it. I was you. Trying to figure it all out, feeling stuck, and having to overcome life stories that felt like lifetimes. Everything I teach is what I would've loved to have access to when I started doing the work.
After studying many philosophical/spiritual practices as well as shadow work and somatic studies, I learned that healing yourself & healing your business went hand in hand. That's why in 2015, teaching both sides of this as a mentor made a lot of sense to me. Demystifying the business aspect of spiritual entrepreneurship and giving business a spiritual side. 




Today, I share the techniques that gave me the courage to speak my truth, transform my wounds, and achieve the mental, financial, and time freedom I now enjoy. Because here’s a secret: the more you start showing up for yourself, and heal from a place of authenticity, the more you start thriving.
I built this business from scratch. I am a Turkish born asthmatic girl, who spent her young years in the ER but dreamt of doing the impossible. When I realized no rescue boat was coming for me, I decided to no longer be the victim, but the heroine of my story. I am the first of my family to graduate, to build an online movement, to reach a multiple 6 figure business that seemed unattainable, and to do what I love.
I am a first. What about you? Are you ready to be a first, too?
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