Emotional Mastery Calls

Every Wednesday 10am EST | Password: THRIVE

Session 1: Purposeful Passion

We cover: The 3 P’s: Purpose, People, Product. Getting clear about who you are serving through your own unique story. Understanding your subconscious mind and how it works is key to move out of your own way. Declaring your course/program launch goal and how many people you want to enroll and for how much as well as your big promise. Remember you need to be moved by your message. Your artful vulnerability is the key to attract your MIC’s. No story is an ordinary story, keep digging.

Session 2: Soulful Strategy

We cover: Transformational markets. How to create TASTY content and how to conduct these posts on IG story/feed. We go through the steps needed to turn a follower into an invested student in your course through the phone funnel. Homework this week is: creating TASTY content and begin sharing your launch date with your community. Remember your launch is never personal, it is simply math. What do you want and what do you need to do to get what you want?

Session 3: Clear Communication 

We Cover: Pre-enrollment call communication. How to effectively communicate with MICs who engage on your Big Promise Posts and TASTY Content so you can book calls using the 1-2-3 step process with the most qualified fast lane MICs. How to avoid mis-attraction i.e. attracting the wrong MICs and customer thirst traps so you can optimize your time and attract fast lane MICs. How to sell them want THEY want, give them what THEY need and meet your MICs where THEY are.

Session 4: Compelling Content

We Cover: PCP (perfect customer profiles) interview and enrollment script. Understanding your PCP's decision making choices, objections and finances.

Session 5: Vocalizing Vulnerability

We cover: Understanding that vulnerability is the foundation of courage. Why being "bad" at selling will cost you everything. As well as the four core "openings" you can use to create effective connection with your MIC on the Clarity Calls. 

Session 6: The Current behind the Currency

We Cover: The Family Constellation System with Marine Selenee and how it works on a subconscious and unconscious level. We learn that our money stories are directly correlated to our family and in order to breakthrough we must shift what we have heard and change our default belief system. Ultimately, whatever we reject, we repeat. 

Session 7: Feminine Embodiment

We Cover: Energy vs Strategy. Body vs Mind and Feminine vs Masculine. In this module, we unpack the energetics needed in order to divert the launch being about your audience rather than you. Are you in a giving energy or getting energy? Plus, I share the recent TMP launch debrief to give you a glimpse of following intuition, taking chances and celebrating every step of the journey. 

Session 8: Selling is Serving

We cover: The feminine approach to selling. Changing the narrative from selling to serving in a way that will make you feel good rather than sleazy. Sales is the foundation of a business. The more we reframe our ideas about sales from the get-go, the more we can serving without making it about us. 
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